Thursday, February 12, 2015

Jamberry Nail Wrap Cold Applicator

A year ago I bought three sets of Jamberry nail wraps.  This fall I attended a party where the host shared the "cold" method.  This past weekend I finally put my first set of wraps on my nails.  Don't judge, I did finally use them.  To use the cold method though I needed to make the applicator.  It was super easy to do though.  You can knock one of these out in under 30 minutes, probably closer to 15 minutes.

Let's start with the cold method.  We are going to make the baggie but I wanted you to see the method first.

Now let's make our baggie.

You'll Need:
a scrap of 100% cotton fabric large enough to get two 4" squares
100% cotton thread

Since this is going into the microwave it is critical that your fabric and thread is 100% cotton.

I started with a piece of fabric that was about a 10" square.
Yes it's different fabric.

The one at the top of the post was made with 5" squares and that was just a little too big so I did this one with 4" squares.

Now we put the two squares together, right sides together and sew around three sides.  Be sure to backstitch at the start and the end.
The arrows are where the backstitching is.
Now turn it right side out and fill it with rice.  You'll need to leave about an inch space at the top.  Tuck the raw edges inside and stitch across the top to close it up.  Again backstitch at the start and the end of this seam.

Now you are ready to do the cold method to put your wraps on!  If you need wraps be sure to give my friend Ellen a shout on Facebook.
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