Thursday, October 9, 2014

My Pixelated Quilt - A Labor of Love

About a year ago I took my first class on Craftsy.  It was a free class, I wasn't going to fork over money when I didn't know if I would like the classes.  It wasn't until a few months ago that I finally put that class to use.

My finished quilt at Shimmy 4 the Cure

The class is classed Pictures to Pixels, you'll need a Craftsy account but they are free.  The class was great!  My mind whirled and I finally realized what I wanted to make.  I would take one of my belly dance photos and turn it into a quilt.  I would then donate it to the annual breast cancer fundraiser to be raffled off.  

So let's talk about how to make one of these.  The first thing you really need to is take the class.  It's free and she gives you all of the info on how chart your quilt and how to figure how much fabric you need.  Follow her directions for picking a picture, this one was a little more involved than I would suggest doing.  Also the fact she has formulas for you to figure your yardage is a life saver.

My original photo

Now some things I learned from doing this.  When you start to group all of one color together so you don't have to cut a bunch of little squares be mindful of where your seams will go.  I didn't do this and ended up having to do some creative sewing.  I attempted to make as many big pieces as possible to save time sewing and fabric.  It's not worth it.  Take the time to set it up so you have easy seams to sew.  Next is how to cut your fabric, I had to rebuy three fabrics because I goofed.  You don't cut the fabric by cutting a strip off and then cutting that strip up.  What I ended up doing was graphing my cuts out.  I just took a piece of graph paper drew a rectangle the size of my fabric and drew each piece I would need.  You end up with very little fabric waste.  The big thing I learned, bigger isn't better.  This was an overwhelming project that took far longer than I ever imagined.  I was working on this on the way to the event.  I figured two weeks at most, not two months.

Now why did I do this?  One it was super creative and it also required lots of math.  I got to engage both sides of my brain and that makes me happy.  The main reason though was my mom.  She died from breast cancer.  She also made quilts for a living.  I couldn't think of a better way to pay tribute to two very important people.  My mother who instilled my love of all things creative and the woman in the photo.  This woman works tirelessly to raise money for breast cancer.  She lost her sister and like me is determined no one else ever feels our pain.  

Links are affiliate links.  Clicking on them does toss a few pennies my way.  If you would like to donate to help end breast cancer and support those fighting you can donate here if you would like to purchase an item of clothing from the event you may do so here all proceeds go to The American Cancer Society for breast cancer research and support.

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