Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sewing Desk Makeover with a Surprising Twist

I've been working on updating my sewing and craft studio.  I'll be sharing lots of sewing room ideas with you as we go through the room.  The first project was a new sewing desk or table.  I was over sewing on a card table, I needed something more substantial.  I really wanted something I could upcyle or refurbish.  I also wanted to make sure that my sewing room furniture matched my personality.  Thank goodness I have the skills to refurbish furniture because unique furniture is very pricey.  I found the desk I ended up using for $2 at a garage sale.

I think it's a huge transformation don't you?  It was super simple to do.  Let's break it down so you can see what I really did.

This is a solidly built desk.  Not the greatest looking desk but it was well made.  When looking for furniture that you can refurbish that's what you need to focus on first.  If it was cheaply made it may not be worth your time to even think about working on.  The next thing you need to think about when looking for furniture to upcycle are the lines of the piece.  Do you like the basic shape?  Then make sure you can afford it.  That's always the real big part of this, if it's not in your budget keep looking.  This piece was perfect for me.  I liked the lines, it was well built, and the price couldn't be beat.  I didn't like the hardware but new that could be changed.  It also has lots of built in storage.  All those little sewing notions needed somewhere to live.  I knew when I went into this I would need more sewing room organization and storage space.

The actual make over part of the desk wasn't hard.  I had the take the hardware off of course.  That couldn't be kept, well it could have but it wasn't my style.  The first step anytime you start to refurbish furniture is to get rid of the original finish.  There are chemicals you can use to speed up the process but I have gotten some really nasty burns from it.  I just stay away from that stuff.  I sand.  I know it takes longer but I would rather beef up those arm muscles than give myself chemical burns again.  Once all that old finish is off you can start working.  

As I've said before I adore Krylon paints.  No, they don't sponsor me and no they don't give me free products.  I just really like their products.  I used two colors glass black and citrus green.  I love citrus green.  It's one of my favorite colors.  I knew though too much of it would be a bad thing though.  Which is why I painted the main body of the desk in black. I used about 3 cans of black and 2 cans of the green for my desk, I had used a little bit of each on another project though.  Here's the thing though, spray paint is cheap and there is no reason not to buy a little more than what you think you will need.  Nothing is more frustrating than to be working on a project and have to stop because you ran out of supplies.

Now let's get back to work.  There aren't as many pictures of the painting steps as I had wanted.  Someone I might have deleted my card before I had moved them to my computer.  I had taken one on the phone of this step.  I'm sure all of you can figure out what it looked like after I painted it though.

That was easy right?  But I had a problem.  What was I going to use for hardware?  I had looked around at different stores but nothing spoke me.  While I was looking through things I had bought to upcycle and found a leather jacket and it hit me.  I need to use the leather to make the handles.  Except I didn't make them, my husband did using our hand crank sewing machine.  He cut strips 1 3/4" wide by the length needed and folded it in half and sewed it up.  Did I mention I might have the greatest husband ever?

I used upholstery tacks to put them on the drawers.  Nothing really new or exciting here is there?  I know you are thinking, where's the surprise?  What did she do that's so much different?

I painted the top of the desk with chalkboard paint!  This way I can make notes right on my desk about the project I'm working on.  If I have to walk away from it for a few days it's OK because I won't misplace the piece of paper I wrote the details down on.  It will be right on my desk next to my sewing machine!
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