Monday, May 19, 2014

The Extras of Sewing

So the other day we discussed the essential items you need to sew.  Today we are going to discuss some of the extras.  They are things that are helpful but not necessarily needed.  Most of these items I have gone the majority of my sewing life without so you certainly don't NEED them.  Once you've figured out this is for you though you might want to pick up a few of these items.

Pattern Weights - These won't replace pins but they do come in handy.  You can purchase them or make them like I did.  I think they are a little more fun than the ones you buy.

Chalk - I have learned that chalk is a dream.  I used to use a marking pencil, like quilters use and hated it.  Then I just tried to mark things with pins and that doesn't always work either.  I use two kinds, dress makers chalk and a quilters chalk.

Dress form - This is like the pattern weights.  You can buy one or you can make one yourself.  I made one with duct tape and spray foam for about $50.  A much better deal, IMO.  

Pattern Paper -  If you end up wanting to design your own patterns you might find this helpful.  It's heavier than tissue paper, you can even sew it, but you can still see through it unlike muslin.

Seam Guage - If you want to do any kind of clothing you'll need one of these.  We will be doing some tailoring in our sewing series but not everyone wants to sew clothing from scratch or tailor so you don't have to have one.

Tailor's Clapper - Again this is something you'll only find useful if you are sewing clothing.  You can make your own.  If that's not your thing, than you can purchase one.  I don't know which one is more cost effective though.  Mine is homemade but we had the wood on hand making more cost effective not sure what the price would be for the wood.

Ironing board - You more than likely already have one of these.  If not you can make one for a little of nothing.  Just check out all of these ideas from Pinterest.  No reason to run out and buy one.  ;)

Binder Clips -  Yep the kind you use to hold paper together.  These work great when you have thick fabric to hold together.  I use them for fleece or binding on a quilt.

As I said before these are just the little extras that make life easier but you don't have to have them.  If you do want to purchase any of them I would appreciate it if you purchased them through my Amazon links.  It kicks in a couple of pennies towards keeping the blog alive.  I'll see you soon for our first project. 
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