Friday, January 3, 2014

Fleece Blanket Tips & Tricks

Finally, all the Christmas gifts are to their new owners so I can share what I've been up to for awhile now.  Over Thanksgiving weekend. JoAnn's had an amazing sale on fleece fabric and I stocked up.  I bought enough for each of my girl's night out group and this fabric for the kid, who is grown.  He'd been hinting about a fleece blanket forever.  I realized he really wanted one when he willingly went to JoAnn's with me and kept pointing out all the different patterns and how soft it was.
He's a deer hunter, and I got a lesson on camo from his dad.

Five blankets later and I've learned somethings that I thought I would pass along to you.  Just in case you ever want to do some yourself.  Each blanket was two pieces of fleece and they are sewn together, not tied.

You have to use some sort of spray basting to hold the two pieces together.  Otherwise things get wonky quick.  I had no basting spray in the house though when I started.  So what did I do?  HAIRSPRAY!  That's right just good ol' hairspray that all of us have in the bathroom.  Spray one piece of fabric until you can see the hairspray, it will glisten in the the light.  Then lay the other piece on top, rub over the fabric to make sure it smooth and it adheres to the other piece.  Wait about 10 minutes and you are good to sew.  When you are done just toss it in the washer and the hairspray comes right out.

Even though the hairspray holds the fabric together pretty well I didn't feel safe just letting it hold the two pieces together.  I also didn't want to pin the whole thing either.  So what did I use?  BINDER CLIPS!  Holds the fabric together well and there is no chance of you running over it with the sewing machine.  Well, I guess you could run over it but they are pretty big you should see them. 

Sewing through four layers of the fleece after it had been turned right side out was about all my newer sewing machine could handle.  The older Necchi that is in the house had no problems at all.  You'll have to trim your fabric up before you start so take some of your scraps and test your machine.  If all else fails, hand stitch it shut.  

I don't know if I'll ever take on five blankets in such a short time again but the ones who got them are happy and warm.  That's what really matters right?
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