Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Review and Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

I'm so excited to be writing this post!  I along with about fifty other bloggers have teamed up with King of Christmas to give one of our readers a $300 Amazon Gift Card.  More details about that later.  Let's talk Christmas at my house first.

So this year we did a small Christmas Eve get together.  It was all snack food.  I know not the healthiest of things but it was fun.  I also had some helpers in the kitchen so I got to do a little teaching too.  I really do enjoy helping others learn in the kitchen.  It was all gluten free too and no one knew!

So the first thing we made was homemade potato chips.  Super simple to do with a mandolin.  Scrub up your potatoes, slice them on the mandolin, and put them in ice cold water.  I usually just fill the sink and let them soak for about an hour.  Then drain them and fry them in 375 oil until brown.  Lightly salt them when they come out of oil.  So much better than the ones you buy in the store.

I made this French Onion Dip from Will Cook For Smiles. It was so yummy!  Quick, easy, and I got to show that French Onion Dip doesn't come in a package at the store.

I know that this Kool-Aid Popcorn from Tasty Kitchen is geared more towards kids but our grown kids love it.  It also might have burst their bubbles to find out that my flavored popcorn was done with Kool-Aid.

I found a copycat recipe for Jose Pepper's dip.  I think it's a regional chain so you may not be familiar with it.  It's a white queso with spinach  Even if you don't like spinach give this dip a try.  You can't taste the spinach, I promise.

The King of Christmas is being very generous in sponsoring the $300 Amazon Gift Card but that's not all, the site is currently offering 25% any Cyprus Spruce or Scarlet Fir tree and free shipping using the COUPON CODE 25offtree.  The site offers trees from 5 foot to 12 foot.  There's even a section for giant trees if you need one bigger.  What I really love is  that the site offers unlit Christmas trees.  For those of us who want to put our own lights on this is becoming a rare find.  I so wish I had known about the site a few years ago when I purchased mine.  Be sure to come back daily to make sure you get all your entries for the giveaway.

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