Friday, June 14, 2013

Pattern Weight Ideas

So I wanted some pattern weights.  They are expensive for what you get in the package.  You can check them out on Amazon here Dritz Fabric Pattern Weights One (4 pack) of Either Pink, Green or Purple ~ No Color Choice ~ Cut Patterns Without Pinning! (PS If you want to buy those from that link I'd really appreciate the few pennies that I would get from it.)  Really, I had several issues with these.  First the price a little over $10.00 for four pattern weights.  I don't like not being able to choose what color I got but, knew I could probably go into JoAnn's and pick up what color I wanted.  That just added to my issues though because JoAnn's is about 100 miles round trip, I couldn't justify the trip for something I didn't need that day.

I was just going to go with the washers.  I figured they'd be cheaper and really I didn't NEED the "real" thing.  So I figured the next trip into town I'd pick some washers up at Wal-Mart.  While I was looking at them my husband asked what I had in mind.  So I quickly explained and he talked me out of buying them.  He was sure he had stuff at the house that would work.  I just figured I could pick the washers up the next time.

The first thing he brought me were four chunks of metal.  He had cut up a piece he had laying around.  The thimble is there to help show size.  I covered them with Duck Tape.  I'm not sure if washi tape would work because I've never used it.  (I'll wait while you recover from shock.) While I loved them, four wasn't going to be enough for some projects.

So he went back out to the garage, the man collects all kinds of manly stuff like nuts, bolts, and washers.  This time he brought me these.
I wasn't sure at first but after we got them cleaned up I'm in love.  These bolts have a nice weight to them.  I have six of these.  I was now in business!  I had pattern weights.  Then he came back in the house with these:
These are much smaller bolts as you can tell.  These will work great for small projects!

I won't cover the bolts.  I love the look of them.  I have this thing for industrial things.  The only thing I have to caution you about is be sure to clean them up if you are using ones from the garage.

Now go find that spouse of your's that is a collector of nuts, bolts, and metal sticks and see what you can have!
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