Saturday, May 18, 2013

My New Light Room

I normally take the month of March off from blogging.  This year though I took off April and part of May due to a major renovation that we were under going. The renovation was partly to help the blog.  I had teased about it on Twitter and it's finally time to reveal what it was.

It's our own photography room!  I'm still learning the setup but I do think my photos recently have been better and a few just where I want them to be.  So let's check out all the parts are pieces.

This is the warm side of the table.  The lights are yellower.

This is a large cutting mat that my mom had custom made for her years ago.  This photo shows the yellow or warm glow that is on this side of the room.

This is our cutting mat for doing mattes and frames for our photos.  This room isn't strictly for my blog photography.  I have to share a story about this cutting mat.  This mat has been in my life forever.  My mom had it made for her to cover her table.  She used it to make her quilts and if you look towards the back middle you can see that it is well worn.  It's a nice warm feeling to see it every time I walk into the room.  The yard sticks, even though they aren't the originals, are just how she had it set up.  The hubs didn't have a clue.

This is a neat area.  It's an old medicine cabinet.  The mirror used to reflect the light is from the door of the cabinet. The two sets of lights can be turned off or on independently.

That's an old desk lamp that we picked up for a buck.  It helps cut shadows when using the Christmas lights.

Now for the cool side of the room.  The lights over here are whiter than the other side.  They are all the same color temp too, we aimed closest to natural sunlight as possible.  What you don't see is two overhead lights.

This is a light box.  This piece did this photo:
The brownie isn't really floating it is just sitting on the light box.

We keep it covered with another cutting mat.

Now for my area.  You see the counter top and white background.  This is where I do my blog photos from.  The counter top can be covered and I can pin whatever background I want to the background.  I can even use the mirror.

That's my over head lights.  The one above the bulletin board flips up and down.

The last part of my little set up is my backgrounds.  I have seen tons of ideas on Pinterest but most are huge and time consuming.  I went for cheap and easy.
Packs of scrapbook paper.  I can use them over and over.  25 backgrounds for $5 is a steal.  I can have 100 background for $20.  That makes me happy.

So what do you think?  Have questions?  I'd love to answer them for you.

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