Thursday, May 30, 2013

Men's Shirt Refashion

I've been inspired to refashion some men's clothing.  Have you checked out Refashion Files?  It's chocked full of one piece of clothing being turned into a completely different garment.  Some are basic, like mine, and some are mind blowing.  So let's see what I did!

I started with this:

It's a man's button down denim shirt.  These are staples in my area.  I think every man has at least one in their closest.  I was thankful to find one in great shape, it looked new!  Let's talk about how I picked my shirt.  I wanted something cheap, I wasn't sure how it would work out so I didn't want to invest much into it. This shirt ended up costing me around a nickel.  I also paid attention to length.  I knew by the time I got something long enough there would be some tailoring that would need to be done but that was OK.

I wondered why there isn't always a lot of photos on these kind of tutorials.  I quickly realized why, no two can be done the same.  What I needed to do for my body may not be what you need to do.  I will explain though so you have a starting point or at least some ideas.

I started by cutting the sleeves and collar off.  I also very carefully removed the pocket.  Then I turned it wrong side out and tried it on.  I marked where I needed to cut the shoulder area.  When I tried it on the edge of the sleeve started half way down my upper arm.  I also needed to take in the sides.  I used binder clips to hold the sides where I wanted them.  After sewing the sides I tried it on again to see if there were any more areas that needed fixed.  The bust was in dire need of some attention.  I needed a dart on each side.  (I had a feeling this would needed done and is why I took the sleeves and pocket off.)  Then I had to put it all back together.

I thought it needed a pop of color so I grabbed a couple of bandannas and went to work.  I traced the collar on the bandanna and cut two, be sure to cut it larger for seam allowances.  Sewed them together and attached it.  I trimmed the pocket in the bandanna fabric and reattached it.  I also shorted the sleeves, gathered them up a little bit, I needed bring them in so that they would fit correctly and put a cuff of the bandanna material on it.

Now I have this:

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