Monday, May 13, 2013

Facebook Rant

I warned you with the title, this is going to be a rant.  An angry rant, so if that isn't your cup of tea turn back now.  It's only going to get worse.  I'm not happy with Facebook for many reasons.

First there is the whole cutting the amount of people who see our page posts.  I don't have a lot of fans on my Facebook page so cutting just a few kills me.  Putting the link in the comments has helped.  I also get that Facebook is looking at ways to make money.  I wish I could afford to pay to prompt my posts but that's not in the cards right now.  I think they should have thought of ways to make money through normal channels.  Cutting my views doesn't really make me want to spend money even if I could.

As if that wasn't bad enough then my personal news feed starts to fill up with recipes and crafts.  The kind of thing most of us pin on Pinterest.  I started mumbling to myself about wishing people would use Pinterest.  I'm not talking about the pages I have liked sharing their stuff, I have no issues with that, I signed up for that when I liked their page.  No, this is complete recipes or tutorials right there on my news feed.  I grumbled to myself, then grumbled on my personal twitter page.  I even grumbled to the hubs but not on Facebook.  Then one night I'm scrolling through my news feed and I found one that I couldn't just ignore.  It was a picture of a recipe from someone I "knew".  A fellow blogger, I clicked on the photo and realized that it wasn't from her, someone was stealing her content.  No link to her blog, no link to her Facebook page, nothing whatsoever just a flat out stolen recipe and photo.  I was done.  I couldn't sit back anymore.  I had to share my feelings.  I posted the following...
I know many of you love to share the recipes here on Facebook. There is a site dedicated to just such a thing, it's called Pinterest. At first it didn't really bother me, I just kind of mumbled to myself that Pinterest is a better venue for that kind of thing. Then I started seeing recipes from people I know in the blogging world being shared and it wasn't from them and they got no credit for it. I run my own blog, I put a lot of recipes up there. It takes a lot of time, I'm not just using someone else's recipe. I'm coming up with them on my own. I'm photographing the steps, the final product, and that takes time. I have a whole set-up to do that, lights, backdrops, ect. The more hits I can get on my blog, the more money I can make from it. I'm not looking to get rich, I don't think it'll ever grow to the point that I can quit my job. I would like however to make enough to cover some of my costs of blogging. Every time a blog is skipped because someone hijacked it to Facebook that person is missing out on a few cents. It adds up quickly.

Did anything change?  Nope, several other people chimed in that they agreed and some even shared my status.  Others posted something similar but nope not a thing.  I want to know how to stop this.  It is flat out content stealing and those of us who are just small bloggers need to protect ourselves.  I'm not sure how to do it or what can be done but something has to be done.  I've started moving my watermark to a more intrusive area of the photo.  I know for the most part that is a no no but I can't afford the lost hits.
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