Monday, December 31, 2012

Blogger Calendar & Planner You Can Edit!

I'm sure by now you've seen the plethora of blogging calendars and planners on the web.  They are all over Pinterest.  There's even a round up on Babble of the top 10.  My personal favorite is from Beckie at Infarrantly Creative.  You'll notice that mine is very similar to Beckie's.  It had everything I wanted in a blog calendar and planner except I had to print it. I wanted to be able to type on it.

I figured I couldn't be the only blogger who was or wanted to go paperless.  I couldn't find a way to turn any of the current ones into to an editable document so I made my own.

To download as an editable document:  You need to download as a docx and then enable editing in Word.  That's it!  Everything can be changed to make it your own though.
Editable Calendar Editable Blog Planner
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