Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Guest Posting, Judging, and the Upcoming Plan

WOW has the last few weeks been a blur.  School is back in session and I think I've found my feet again.  :) At least I hope I have any way.  As soon as I remember to take a photo I'll share my bulletin board idea with all of you.  I'm pretty proud of it but some how come home each day without a picture of it.  Maybe I should  email myself a reminder.

This week I'm over The CSI Project.  You can read my introduction to the group, some photo saving tips, and find out the schedule so you too can enter the contest this week.  Please enter, I'd love to see your photos.  I'll also share one of me, a first I believe here at Home Ec. with Mel.

Yes those are real live cows behind me.  That's also a real barb wire fence.  When I talk about living in a rural area I'm not kidding you.  These cows live a half of a mile from me.

Now for the upcoming plan here.  Fall is right around the corner and I want to help you all be prepared.  Lots of entertaining takes place between September and February and that is what our focus will be.  We'll cover decorating, simply of course, menu planning, and food preparation.  Entertaining can be overwhelming when there aren't food restrictions on the menu, it can be more so when you have to cook for both gluten free and non gluten free.  We'll get through this together.  I promise!
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