Thursday, June 7, 2012

What's Going On Here?

What do you think of the new digs?  After a twitter chat with Tiffany and Ahoy Graphics about branding, it was clear that Crafting To Do was not going to be the right name for the blog anymore.  They gave me some ideas on color schemes, which made me very happy I'm not a pink girl.  I consulted with my dear friend Jonette, wedding and event planner extraordinaire, and here's what I came up with.

I went with the name Home Ec. with Mel as a homage to my real job in education and to tie the cooking and crafting together.  I also want you all to learn something while you are here. My tag line is also what I want for you, sweet success for your home.  I know in today's world we don't have time for all the things our mothers or grandmothers did.  That doesn't mean we can't block out a few minutes here and there to do something similar.  I want to give you updated, quicker, recipes, sewing projects, decorating ideas, and entertaining ideas.

Now let's cover what won't change.  The blog address will remain the same until I buy a domain.  The Facebook page address won't change either.  My email address will remain craftingtodo at gmail dot com again until I purchase a domain.  The most important thing is the content will remain the same.  You'll still be able to find great gluten free recipes, fun crafts, quick decorating ideas, and entertaining tips and tricks.

It was a lot of hard work over the last few days.  With a budget of $1.42, that's what I made last month from my sponsors, I had to do the work myself.  At one point, I was sure I would break down in tears.  I'm pretty proud of myself for learning what I needed to do and getting done fairly quickly.  What do you think?  In the end, you are my audience.
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