Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Am An Addict

I always say I don't watch much TV.  The Big Bang Theory and The Young and The Restless are the two that I watch all the time.  I also enjoy That '70s Show and The Golden Girls in reruns.  Oh and my two summer shows Royal Pains and Drop Dead Diva.  Really I don't think 6 shows is that bad right?  Then I realized today that I'm horribly addicted to reality TV.  As I'm writing this Craft Wars hasn't even aired yet I know I'll watch it no matter what.

It started simply.  Big Brother was something grandma and I enjoyed watching together.  Then Project Runway came along and I fell in love with the concept.  Then came Food Network Star and how could I say no to a show that was about people trying to get their own cooking show?  Dance Moms come into the mix when Lifetime did marathon one Saturday when I wasn't feeling well.  The Voice was a given for me, music, Blake and Adam equals happiness for me.  At this point it didn't take much to get me interested in Glass House, the pre-season lawsuit was enough.  Now, there is Craft Wars.  That list doesn't include the ones that I no longer watch or are no longer on.  Then there are the ones I'll watch bits and pieces of from time to time.

I don't just watch Big Brother on CBS 3 hours each week.  There are the 24/7 live feeds, (get your feeds here, shameless plug for my favorite BB website), there's BBAD or Big Brother After Dark on Sho2, there's, the chat room there, and twitter.  When the cast list is released I'll be on Google trying to learn about them.

Project Runway inspires me.  I love watching them create garments.  It's also how I met my BFF Jonette.  That's another story though.  Even when it has been at it's lowest, I've been right there watching the show.  My husband even will half hardly watch the show and share opinions on the designs.  Surprisingly he has a pretty good eye when it comes to fashion.

Food Network Star for me is a jealousy show.  I'd love to have a gluten-free cooking show so I watch to learn and to be slightly jealous of those who are getting shows. :)

Dance Moms is just a train wreck that I shouldn't watch but can't turn away from.

The Voice feeds my inner musician.  It also gives my husband and I something to share.  We often clash on who our favorite is but enjoy the discussion that ensues.

I'll let you know what I think of Craft Wars.  Do you have any guilty pleasures?
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