Monday, April 2, 2012

Quick and Easy Potholders

For Christmas all I wanted was potholders.  Nothing fancy just the cotton ones.  My poor family spent days looking for them only to fail.  My husband was especially upset that he couldn't deliver the one thing that I had asked for.  I did a little search online and realized they are next to impossible to find them anywhere.  Well there was only one thing to do, make them myself!

Items Need:
100% Cotton Fabric
Thin Batting
Bias Binding (optional)
Serger (optional)
Spray Basting
Sewing Machine
Rotary Cutter
Self Healing Mat

Step 1:
Cut two 7" squares of fabric.

Step 2:
Cut two 6 3/4" square of batting

Step 3:
If needed you can spray baste your fabric sandwich.

Step 4:
Serge around all four sides.

You are done!!!

If you want a more finished look you can sew bias binding around the edges.

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