Sunday, April 29, 2012

Is It Finally Time To Craft?

I hope you all have been enjoying the guests we've had the last few weeks.  You may have noticed that there hasn't been anything from me for a week or so.  I am healthy I came down with bronchitis last weekend and am still fighting it though I'm starting to feel human and I have been beyond swamped.  When I say swamped I mean so busy I totally forgot to take pictures of the projects that now are living with someone else.

Saturday was the carnival at the school where I work.  It is our one fundraiser a year and it's for our reading program.  Thanks to the carnival we get to reward our kids for meeting their reading goals during the year.  Trust me nothing motivates a kid to read and do book reports like the promise of a swimming trip or a movie trip at the end of the year.  It was a huge success and if you are a parent, grandparent, student, or staff member of MdCV thank you!  What did I do for the carnival?  I decorated 4 dozen cupcakes.  There was a tray of "hamburgers", two daisies, and two sets of "tie-dyed" cupcakes.  They are probably already in someone's tummy.  I'm so bummed that I didn't get pictures of them.  They were cute trust me and if you want to know how I did them let me know.  If there is enough interest I'll recreate them.  I also made an Angry Birds game.  It was a pretty simple set up but I'm already thinking of how to change it up for next year.  I used empty soup cans that I spray painted green and drew pig snouts on them.  The "bird" was yellow fabric pyramid that I weighted with some rice and then filled with poly-fill.  It was a huge hit but chasing after all those cans all day long wore me out.  If you have ideas of how I can change it up without getting a three hour cardio workout let me know!  Below is a picture of a game like the one I made.  I used 10 cans though.
Photo from Keeping It Simple

In between the cupcakes, the game building, the making of an Angry Bird, the school carnival, two field trips, and regular work I had two photo shoots.  They were a blast!  One was for my great niece for Easter and the other was a local senior photo session.  It's also zoo time which means lots of time at the zoo taking photos for them.  It's a very fun working relationship.  I haven't and won't give up on the blog.  I'm going to have to schedule time for the blog and not break that schedule.
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