Monday, March 19, 2012

Final Review of Kinnikinnick Soft Breads

It seems if I say a word publicly when a post will come out is when sickness hits the house.  Now that it is over it's time to review those breads.

Hot Dog Buns:

Shockingly they were the same size as a package of bakery hot dog buns that I bought for myself.  They might have even been a little larger.  I was shocked!  My husband really enjoyed them.  He used them has a sub sandwich bread not as a hot dog bun.  He said, "I'm not going to waste bread on a hot dog."  They were slightly drier then their wheat counterparts but much better than any of their gluten-free cousins.  He was thrilled.

The downside of these though is there are only 4 buns in a package.

White Bread:

The white bread slices were indeed larger than other gluten-free breads on the market.  The loaf was also pretty close to a full pound.  I had grand plans of showing a side by side photo but we didn't have any other brand in the house and neither did his mom.  I know they were larger because a slice of cheese actually fit on the bread.  The biggest shock for us was that it soaked in the butter.  The butter didn't roll off.  The package said to keep frozen until ready to use and this is important.  Just take out what you want and let thaw for about 10 minutes.

He enjoyed the whole grain better.  He thought the white breads crust was thick and it was dry but not drier than what you expect.  It wouldn't fold in half.

Whole Grain Bread:

My husband really liked the whole grain bread.  When I asked him what he liked about it he said, "All of the above."  It reminded him of homemade wheat bread. Taste, texture, the whole thing was like wheat bread.  He was so happy with it.

All in all we were very happy with the breads and buns.  We can't wait until they are in the stores here.

Don't forget to check out the bun review that includes recipes!

*In full disclosure we were provided with the bread and buns from Kinnikinnick.  All opinions and thoughts are mine and my husband's.
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