Saturday, February 11, 2012

What Bugs Me About Pinterest

First off let me say I really do love Pinterest.  I've been inspired by so many it's not even funny.  It's been a way to keep my sanity while recovering from surgery, one week to go, when I'm not supposed to be doing much else.  Now that I've clarified that I'm a total fan of the site there are things that bug me.

1.  Not linking to the original post - Nothing bugs me more than to see something that I want to know more about and no way to find it out.  Not only does it bug people it's only fair to the original poster to get the credit.  When I see a super cute frosting, I want to know how they made their butter cream do that. Cute t-shirt refashion I want to know how they did it.  It's not that I'm lazy and can't find it on the internet but, when I don't have a place to start it sure makes it hard.  

2. Give Credit! - I don't mean at the bottom in smaller font than the rest of the post.  Be up front, say this was inspired by blah blah blah with a link or say this recipe was adapted from so and so with a link.  I love seeing what you create don't get me wrong but I want to see what inspired you too!  Sometimes it's not the frosting recipe but the way it was colored that I want to learn.  Maybe I don't want a bag but, I want to know how the ruffle was made I can't figure it out unless you tell me where to find out.

3. Limit Length of Pins - I don't care if you pin 50,000 pins in a day as long as your descriptions are short.  This though makes me mad:

If I want to read the full article I'll click on it.  Plus, someone took the time to write that post so people would read it and they could/would get hits on their blogs.  It clogs up my stream and rips off others.  If you find a pin like this and want to repin it, then delete all the text and add your own description.

If you keep these three things in mind then we'll be ok and my guess is you'll be ok with a lot of other bloggers too.  :)

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