Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My First Product Review - Teaser Post

So remember how my goal was to work with some companies and provide you, my darling readers, with a sneak peek at what new products were on the market or coming out on the market?  Well, today my first product was shipped!  I should get it tomorrow or Friday!  Isn't that exciting?  The first blog post should be up over the weekend.  Well thanks for stopping by!  Oh, you want to know what the product is?  OK fine, I'll tell you.  It's Kinnikinnick new Soft Gluten Free Breads.

Photo Courtesy of Kinnikinnick

If they live up to the press release then the gluten-free bread market has just taken a new and fabulous turn!  They will have white bread, multigrain bread, and buns. Now for the highlights from the press release.

  • more bread per package (16 slices vs. 12 slices)
  • better nutritional values
  • lower price point (YEAH!!)
  • no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors
  • lower price point ($4.99 for bread and $4.59 for buns)
  • no toaster needed
  • The soft bread line will be available at select natural and mainstream grocery stores throughout the U.S. and Canada this March
So let's talk about gluten free bread.  We are used to small packages and small slices.  I swear I read that these slices would be bigger but, now that I'm writing this I can't find it on the press release or on the website.  I may be going crazy, going crazier, crazy but I had imagined doing a side by side photo comparing.  I'll still do the photo. :)  The extra four slices of bread in the package means two more sandwiches out of the loaf.  Which is another meal!  

I did the math comparing Kinnikinnick's new line vs. what I would call the leading competitor in the gluten-free bread market.

Bread per slice cost - Kinnikinnick $0.31  Competitor $0.42
Hamburger Bun per bun cost - (Estimating there are 4 in a package) Kinnikinnick $1.15  Competitor $1.13
Hot Dog Bun per bun cost - (Estimating there are 6 in a package) Kinnikinnick $0.77 Competitor $0.79

I estimated on the buns because I can not find an amount listed on the website and those are the amounts the competitor has listed.  I can't wait to share how good these are and if the reviews that I've seen already are any indication then they are going to be AMAZING!!
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