Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just a quick update!

I just wanted to update all my awesome readers on my recovery process and what I've been doing on my time off.  As of Friday my restrictions will be lifted!!!  I'm so excited but, I also know that I probably should start lifting 50 pounds on Saturday.  :)  It will be nice to go the grocery store and push the cart.  On the down side for some reason my digestive system does not want to work correctly.  :(  I know it takes awhile but I like to eat and well I miss it. The weight loss has been nice though.

Now for what I have been doing.  I've been working on a few recipes.  I have a pizza recipe that is gluten free and yummy.  Just need to make one to photograph.  It's so yummy!!  I've also been working on a gluten free fried chicken recipe.  It's going to need a little more love in the flavor department but the texture is right so that's  a huge plus.  I'm working on a bag inspired from Pinterest.  The pattern is a bit tricky but I'm working hard to bring an easy but still gorgeous bag to you.   Here's the inspiration:

The bag is no longer for sale 

I've also been working with a couple of ladies to get a media packet put together.  Now that may not be exciting to most readers but when it's put together perfectly it hopefully will bring some great opportunities for all of us! 

On Saturday, I broke the rules and went dancing.  It was fun!  I took a Bollywood Belly Dance class.  I'm not going on tour nor will I be preforming anytime soon but, it was a blast.  I was careful not to over do it though.  A month with no activity and a month with limited activity was brought to my attention Sunday.  Now, for a first here, I'm sharing a picture of myself.  

Photo courtesy of LightWeaver1 on Flickr
He just happens to be my husband. 

One last thing my gluten free brownies are up for voting at Better Life Blog I'd love if you'd go over a give it a star.
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