Monday, February 20, 2012

Goal Update

Well we are almost 3 months into 2012 and it's time to check out where the blog is with the goals that were set for 2012.  If you missed the original goal post you can find it here.

1. Make money - Well I haven't pulled in a paycheck yet but I've add a new affiliate Creative Girls.  I've also signed up for my first sponsored post with them.  Rivet Media also released a video service that I've added.  You can find them on the video tab at the top of the page.  (Full disclosure: I am compensated for you viewing the videos)

2. Grow my readership - This is happening!!  I've almost quadrupedal my readership in the last few months.  This makes me very excited.  Now, we are going to adjust this goal to grow my returning readers.

3. Host Giveaways - I haven't hosted one yet but I yesterday I sent out my media packet and rate card to some companies.  I'll let you know how that goes.

4. Connect With Other Bloggers - Crafterminds has helped me connect with other bloggers now I just need to form relationships to get some guest bloggers here.

5. Use The Blog Frog - Still not doing that. :(

6. Get some perks - See number 3

7. Post more - Not sure if I'm posting more or not but I will be now that I'm not under any restrictions!

How are your goals coming along?
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