Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Off To a Start.........

I'm feverishly working to finish two projects.  My paper project for Iron Craft and one for the next Pinterest Challenge.  I hope to have both finished by next weekend.  That way I can use the following weekend to prep meals for after my upcoming surgery.  :(

I found out on January 3 that I get to have my gall bladder removed on January 20th.  It's a fairly simple procedure and the biggest worry after will be hernias.  Which means absolutely no lifting, pushing, or pulling for 3 weeks.  That's going to kill me!  It will give me lots of time to craft and blog though.

I'm in search for some great gluten free freezer meals.  If I'm going to leave the hubs in charge of dinner then I need them to be as easy as possible for those first few days while I recoup.  Does anyone have any ideas?
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