Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Week of Failure

I came to a realization this week.  It may be next to impossible to give you a new gluten-free convert recipe every Saturday.  Why might you ask?  I can't inflict that much torture on both my stomach and my poor husband's tummy.  I can't keep giving him failure after failure until I hit upon something perfect for dinner.  He's already skinny enough. ;)

Monday I set out to make taquitos.  I'd seen a ton of them on pinterest and none seemed to hard.  I mean really all I had to do was change from a flour tortilla to a corn one.  How hard could that be? I made a yummy filling, fairly basic though, browned hamburger, salt, pepper, onion, and a can of Rotel.  I drained it well to make sure it was a fairly dry filling.  I flashed fried the corn tortillas to soften them up.  They were nice and soft, the filling tasted good, now began the rolling.  I filled them with just a little filling.  I rolled them, pinned them with toothpicks and moved on to the next one.  After doing three of them I got the bright idea to drop them and see how they cooked up.  Welp, the exploded.  I'm talking about blow apart, filling floating in the oil, tortillas flat.  So I scratched it.  I fried the rest of the tortillas to make them crispy and then layered the tortillas and the filling in the pan and put it in the oven.  When it came out the top tortilla was crispy the rest were soggy.  No need for the cheese dipping sauce I had made there was nothing to dip in it.  We did pour some of it over the top, ate our supper of hamburger filling (I let the hubs have the crispy tortilla) and whipped up some Betty Crocker Gluten Free brownies as a I'm sorry treat.

Chicken Fried Steak Photo by Jessica CC picture via Flickr

Tuesday I was going to make gluten free chicken fried steak.  Doesn't that look yummy?  Ok minus the gravy, still not making gluten-free cream gravy.  A start would be a breaded steak though.  I can do this.  I just needed a breading.  Not a problem, I have been successfully breading shrimp for a few months now.  Around here chicken fried steak and fried shrimp have a similar breading.  I remember grandma breading her chicken fries with cornmeal, yep I can do this, or so I thought.  I split the piece of round steak into 3 pieces and tenderized it with my mallet.  Then I dipped it in two beaten eggs with some chipolte hot sauce in it.  Then it was off to be dredged in some cornmeal seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic powder.  (Note: I do the same thing with the shrimp, minus garlic powder.)  Then into the fryer they went.  I pulled them when they were golden brown and looking supper yummy.  About 5 minutes.  Then I cut mine.  The breading came off.  It had completely separated from the steak.  The breading came off in two pieces and in between those two pieces was a pieces of beef jerky.  Yeah, needless to say it wasn't supper yummy.

On Wednesday when I called to see what the hubs wanted for supper he said, "Something you know will turn out right."  So I went back to the stand bys.  We had tacos, chili, and pork chops.  Nothing exciting, nothing ground breaking for those who can't have gluten.  I'll try again this week. :)
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