Sunday, November 6, 2011

How to Craft and Decorate on a Budget

I know spending money wisely is a concern for many out there.  We still want to be creative, have wonderful decorations, but we can't spend a fortune for the supplies either.  How do we do it?  Easy!

1. Hit up second hand stores.  Goodwill, Salvation Army, ect are all great places to score great supplies for not much money.  Plus, you are helping them continue all of their good work.

2. Discounts.  Did you know JoAnn's gives educators 15% off their entire purchase, including sale items?  I didn't know until the woman ahead of me in line used her card.  You need a pay stub or your contract.  There are other companies that do similar discounts for military, fire, EMS, police, ect.  If you fall into one of those categories don't let the discounts get away!

3. Coupons.  Hobby Lobby does 40% off a non-sale item every week.  USE IT!  JoAnn's emails, texts, and mails out coupons all the time.  Michael's does coupons too.  Use them!  There's no reason to spend full price on something.

4. Facebook.  Like companies you use their products.  They will give away items, coupons, ect. to their fans.

5. Facebook again.  Search for a local Buy, Sell, Trade page.  Many communities now have one.  You can sell your wares, extras and make some cash.  You can also find great deals on craft items.  I've gotten lots of goodies and to date have spent $14.00.  I got a 20 gallon storage tub full of fabric, 3 Wal-Mart bags full of crochet thread, and 2 idea books.

6. Re-purpose.  If you aren't using it, are there elements you could?  Can you salvage the yarn off that sweater with a hole in it?

7. De-Stash.  Either use it or sell it.  If you aren't going to use it, sell it and use the money to buy things you will use.
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