Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Crafting

I love doing hand made things for friends and family for Christmas, really anytime.  With December right around the corner, it is time to get into the sewing/crafting room and get started.  I've got lots of projects planned and I want to share with you.  I figure it is safe since none of the recipients follow my blog or my twitter account.

GNO Group:  I have four girlfriends that I go out with on a monthly basis.  We all work together and these girls have become my sisters.  Really, I don't think I've had adult friendships that were this tight that didn't start at birth.  I love these girls and love to spoil them.  One year I did fleece blankets with homemade hot chocolate and marshmallows.  Another time I bought serving trays and filled them with homemade candies that they could eat or take with them to their gathering.  I thought of it as a time saver for them.  Last year I bought them digital frame key chains and filled them with photos of us, them, and their children.  This year they will get......
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Now I am debating on what to fill them with.  It is between flavored popcorn lots of different kinds or bath bombs, scrubs, ect.  What do you think?

Work Gift Exchange:  Each year we do a gift exchange at work.  It can become very competitive when they start stealing gifts.  It's fun though and last year my tin of homemade chocolates almost caused a riot.  So I need to do something great again this year.  This one is causing me some trouble.  I'm not sure what to do, it's got to be different then last year and it's got to be amazing.  Got any ideas?

The ladies I work with: We all share small gifts with each other.  This one is causing me issues too.  Not sure what to do for them either. :(

My secret pal: This one I plan on having fun with.  Little gifts each day, like an adult advent.  Some of my ideas are:
 Tutorial found here  (her name is Joy by the way)
Tutorial found here I think it's just a fun idea!
And so on. 

What are your handmade Christmas ideas?
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