Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Where Have I Been?

Oh I wish I could answer with something great like a European vacation or a cooking adventure crisscrossing the country.  The truth is, I've been obsessed with Big Brother.  I watch every year and spend the first week doing nothing but watching the CBS show and the live feeds.  It's a critical time to learn about each house guest.  Ok, So I don't have a life. lol

Anyway, the first week is almost over and life will go into BB mode.  Thursday, Sunday, and Wednesday I'll watch the CBS show.  Sometimes in the afternoon I'll watch the feeds.  You can get your feeds here.  It's my favorite BB site in all of interwebs.  Hamsterwatch is also a favorite of BB HG Adam.  He's got good taste.  I'll spend my late evening in the chat room and watching BBAD on Showtime.  In between, I'll get back to crafting and cooking.
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