Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Water Bottle Holder

Holy cow it's been a long time since I've been.  I actually have a blog post written but the craft isn't photographed so it kind of defeats putting it up until you can see the end result right?  Anywho, today I whipped up a water bottle tote/holder/carrier whatever you want to call it.  I even snapped the pictures with the good old iPhone just so I could get this one done.

So the colors are off but it at least shows you the finished product.  I wanted to show you the loop that I put on mine.  The point of the tote was to be able to attach it to my camera backpack.  The straps the original tutorial had just weren't going to cut it.  So I cut a 4"x5" piece of my lining fabric, I used 2 fat quarters that I got on clearance for 65 CENTS!!!!  I folded it in half, 4" side, and stitched. I pressed the seam open then turned it right side out and folded it half again, this time from top to bottom.  Then I just continued along with the tutorial.  You can make one yourself by going here.
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