Monday, June 20, 2011

New Ways to Follow and Connect

I will get the info on the sidebar shortly.  I have made a Facebook page and a Twitter account for this blog!  There is also a new email address for the blog craftingtodo at gmail dot com.

Now you might wonder why and where all this is coming from.  Well, I participated in the craftermind Twitter chat today.  I realized in order to take this all to the next step I needed to do some separation again.  I separated my crafting from my photography but when I did that I just put it on my personal twitter and Facebook.  This blog needs to have the same treatment as my photography business.  It needs it's own home so I can promote others and myself.

So here it goes, a new outlook for this blog.  A venue to achieve dreams.  The dream of being the next Martha Stewart, just less perfect.  ;)
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